Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Shitty Poem

There is a reason I write prose instead of poetry: my prose is often bloated, self-indulgent and derivative, but my poetry is just plain BAD. However, Eclecta has challenged me to silence my inner-critic, and we've both taken 30 minutes to jot down the first "shitty poem" to come into our heads. Here's mine -

Transition is a shade between black and blue
Darkness gradually becoming less dark
Stars twinkle their retirement
The moon winks its adieu

There is a sacred space where nighttime meets morning
Where orange peeks over the horizon
Burning with the passion of possibilities
Shedding golden light on corners bathed in shadow

Suddenly, the sky melts into a soft, inviting pink
A hopeful hue that holds no burdens
With unassuming grace, it declares to the world:
A new day has dawned.

Here's hers.

And if you happen to see my inner critic, feel free to give her a kick in the balls.