Sunday, January 22, 2012

Taylor Made

I haven't been writing lately.
It's tough.
It's a bit of an identity crisis, actually.
Who is a writer who isn't writing?

But at the same time, my need to be creative is finding new and interesting outlets.
I've made my way into the wedding industry.
Yes, you heard that right.
I'm designing and creating wedding invitations through my new business venture, Taylor Made.
Plus all the extra goodies that a beautiful wedding will have.

The artist in me really enjoys it.
I love contributing to someone's special day, and making a small piece of art that represents someone's feelings. It's a tangible reflection of one of life's great intangibles.
And what a lovely thing to be so surrounded by love.
To be approached by brides bubbling over with excitement, to be so full of happiness in the pursuit of the first perfect day in their long, loving marriages.

I am fortunate.

I run my studio out of Ottawa, Ontario but that doesn't stop me from meeting with brides from all over the world over email. The creative process knows no boundaries.



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